Ninetology, prominently stands tall in the eyes of ASEAN as the most innovative company with extensive growth capabilities beyond expectations. Developed by elites and strongly driven by our league of experts with more than a decade of experience below their belts, we indulge in the golden rule to further our rapid movement throughout ASEAN.

The company evidently crafted a name for itself within just few years along with expeditious development of quality smart devices, instilled with world-class technologies. Giants of the communication industry, of both local and international networks have come together with Ninetology in creating a whole new platform of all-rounded communication accessibility. Ninetology is not just about smart phones; it is an ecosystem upholding the most intelligent way of communication and assurance of worldwide connectivity.

Ninetology is marching fast and closer in achieving its ultimate goal as the hub of mobile intelligence and a one-stop brand for great ASEAN innovations. We are on the right track, looking at the milestone of progressions as the largest mobile technology provider across the region.


MAY 2012

Birth of Ninetology ASEAN

Prodly formed by a union of professionals who put forth the importance of lifestyle-infused-technology.

OCT 2012

Ninetology Indonesia

Another milestone of achievement in expanding throughout ASEAN countries, with its inception in Jakarta and Agnez Mo, as the brand ambassador.

APR 2013

Launch of Pearl Mini

Pearl Mini, the very first hybrid smart phone, along with the kick-off of Synergistic Triangle Alliances between three corporate giants in the industry.

JUL 2013

Ninetology U9 Smartphone Series

The unveiling of three advanced yet stylish models, U9X1, U9Z1, and U9Z1+, engineered to meet the human needs of style speed and precision.

OCT 2013

Ninetology U9 Series with Agnez Mo

Announced Agnez Mo as shareholder of Ninetology Indonesia along with the unveiling of U9X1, U9P1 and U9Q1 of the premium smart phone series.

AUG 2012

Phantom Series

Launch of the very first legendary smart phone series by Ninetology, incorporating sleek and stylish elements onto devices.

NOV 2012

Ninetology of Smart Communication

Introduced the unique Smart Communication system, developed to incorporate elements of connectivity, content, software, hardware and Smart Ecology.

MAY 2013

Smart Ecology Project

Ninetology and Malaysion Nature Society(MNS) gathered 10,000 units of old mobile devices to undergo Green Recycling for the nature's betterment.

AUG 2013

Ninetology's First Flagship Tuoch Point

First in the region, celebrating freedom of expression while catering to vast varieties of human interests - technology, lifestyles, fashion and sports..